Recording Your Pastor’s Sermon as an MP3

Posting sermons online is a good way to let people share the good news (and your website) with their friends.  If they hear a particularly good sermon, and wish their friend had been there to hear it (how many times have I heard that after a message?), they can easily send their friend a link.  It’s also another way that you can make potential guests comfortable enough to pay you a visit when they’re checking your church out online.

Tons of churches do this, so clearly it’s popular in some quarters, but how do you do it?  Isn’t it hard to record a sermon and post it online?

We’ve got you covered on posting your message for you, but in case you need some help on actually getting it recorded, check out this video:


Another (even easier) way to record a sermon is to just put your smartphone or tablet on the pulpit and hit record.  The above method works for good old fashioned PCs.  Just email us the file (or a dropbox/google drive/etc link), sermon title, date and other info and we’ll post it for you!  Or use the help desk ticket by clicking here.