Is your church currently unable to invest in a custom website? For churches in difficult financial situations, or who just need to be up and running as quickly as possible, a template website is your answer.

Template websites provide an extremely professional feel, at a significantly reduced cost for churches on a budget. Starting at only $300, any place of worship that wants a professional online presence can now have one.

These sites come with all of the features of our custom sites, including our custom software and easy to use video tutorials.

Live Template Sites:


Take any one of our sites for a spin! Click on the picture of the site to see it in action.

Template sites can be set up and ready to be edited by your volunteers in as little as 48 hours. Additional options available at checkout. Please note, to insure that your site is as unique and professional looking as possible, only one version of each template will be sold in a single city.

Check out our pricing page for more info!