Adding a New Email to Outlook While Keeping Your Old Account

I both love and hate Microsoft Outlook for mail.  On the one hand, most people know how to use it and it does a fairly good job.  On the other, getting anything complicated done is arcane even for a tech professional such as myself.

In this video, I show you a little Outlook trick that will let you combine two email accounts (both must be POP accounts) into one inbox.  This can be very handy if you’re just starting with one of our websites.  If you changed your email address, but you’d like to keep all of your old emails, and continue to receive email at the old address for a while, this is how to do it.  Note that I go into detail about how to do this at Internet Outreach Experts specifically.


(To have the new account sending email by default, you may need to set it as default, under “File->Account Settings->Email”)