Thanks for Your Purchase!

Your website from the Internet Outreach Experts has been specially designed to help churches reach potential guests. The purpose of your website is to help potential guests feel comfortable enough to actually attend one of your church's events (Sunday morning, Bible Study, etc), so it is primarily an outreach tool for your congregation. This website has also been made with the understanding that many churches rely on volunteers and need a site that is easy to maintain and make changes to. Over the next few pages, we're going to help your church get its website up and running, and get you in a position to more effectively reach your community for Christ.

There is a great degree of customization available for your new website, and a lot of information that guests are expecting to find. In order for us to get your site completely set up, we're going to need guidance and content from you. Once we get this information from you, we can get your site up and running inside a couple of weeks, depending on your follow up feedback. However, feel free to take as much time as you need getting the information to us; what you enter here will be saved at each step, and can be changed or added to even after you submit it.

There will be several steps in this process, but at the end of them your church will have a great looking website that will help members of your community become offline guests. At the end of each step, you'll hit a submit button which will send your preferences and information to various members of our team, who will get to work customizing your site. They will be in touch with you via the email you used to purchase the site to get further feedback and update you when changes are complete.

Please let us know where you want us to set the site up:

(If you're not sure right now, just select a temporary site and you can come back to this page to enter the domain name you want later. However, we must have a temporary or permanent URL to set up the website before we can do other work. Save or submit your entries using the button at the bottom of the page.)

Domain Name:
The domain name is the name of the website, for example, If you don't currently have a website, or if you don't like your site's current name, we will purchase and set up a new domain for you. Your new site will be built directly on the new domain, and you can begin promoting it whenever you feel it's ready.


If you want to use your current web address, we'll set up a temporary site and replace your current site when you decide the new one is ready. We'll ask for access to your registrar account (eg, GoDaddy) once the new site is ready to transfer onto the old domain. Please note that you're still responsible for paying any hosting costs on your old site until the transfer, as well as costs associated with setting up the new site. Generally speaking it's recommended that you keep an existing domain name if you have one