Domain Name Setup:

Basically you have three options for where we start working on your website:

  • use a new domain name,
  • use your existing domain name
  • or use a temporary site until you’re ready to transfer the site to your existing domain name(recommended).


Use a New Domain Name:

The domain name is the name of the website, for example, If you don't currently have a website, or if you don't like your site's current name, we will purchase and set up a new domain for you. Your new site will be built directly on the new domain, and you can begin promoting it whenever you feel it's ready.

If you'd like us to set up a new domain for your church website, please check below to see if the site name you'd like is available:

When registering a new domain, we'll use your information as the official registrant. Please provide the following information that should officially represent your church, as it will be associated with your domain name:

Use Your Existing Domain Name:

Alternatively, if you have an existing domain name that isn't being used, or you just don't want to keep your existing website for a minute longer, we can also set up your new website directly on your existing domain.

This is generally not recommended, as it will immediately remove any previous website you might have had (preventing us from using content from that site to make creating the new site easier), as well as any emails you may have hosted at that domain (eg, will stop working and you'll probably lose those emails; if you use hosted email at a provider like Google but with your domain name, be sure to let us know below). Also, it typically takes a few weeks to completely go through the process of setting up your website, and in the meantime your community will see a partially finished website at your church's domain.

If no one knows about or uses your existing domain, or if there is no website on your existing domain, this might be a good way to proceed, given that you can immediately terminate any existing hosting contract and can start telling people about the new website whenever you feel it's ready.

If you'd like to use your existing domain name and immediately remove your current website please provide us with your registrar (Godaddy, Enom, etc) login information and current domain name below

Use a Temporary Site:

It's usually recommended that you keep your existing domain name if you have one, as well as your previously existing website until the new one is finished. We'll set your site up in a temporary workspace until you're ready for it to "go live" on your existing domain.

Please note that you're still responsible for paying any hosting costs on your old site until the transfer, as well as costs associated with setting up the new site.

Also note, you are responsible for paying your 3rd party registrar. If you are using your existing domain name, you're also responsible for paying your registrar (eg, Godaddy, enom, etc) a yearly fee for that name. This should happen around once a year and cost between $8 and $15 for .com .net or .org domains. They'll probably remind you to do so via email, but it can be very troublesome if your domain expires. There's a $10 per year credit available if you have an existing domain that you pay for. Please contact support using this form to request the credit.