Get Your Church Website Ranking Higher in Google!

This fully detailed set of reports includes every single link and page on your website with a problem that is hurting your rank in the search engines and a video guide showing you how to fix them.

These reports are:

  • Comprehensive Guides to Improving Your Specific Site, Not Someone Else's

    These reports are generated for your specific website, and include information about what you can do to help get your church on Google's "good" list. There's an action list based on the problems we uncovered as well as information about what you're already doing well. Eg, are you mobile device compliant? The typical report contains dozens or even hundreds of specific suggestions to improve your site in Google's algorithm.

  • Easy to Implement Yourself

    Easy is a relative term, but if you are somewhat web savvy (for instance savvy enough to make changes in WordPress or know what SEO is), you should be able to solve 75% to 80% of the issues keeping your site down in the Search Engines with help from the video explanations and a little time. The guides assume that your church website is WordPress based.

  • A $163 Value

    That's how much I actually pay every month for access to the databases and software that generate the information my staff will put into these reports for your church. That's how much you would have to pay for the information yourself, and that's not including my time and my staff's time putting them together.

What's Included:

  • Website Audit (On Page SEO)
    • - On Page SEO issues like Meta descriptions, Alt tags, etc.
    • - Errors for every page Broken Links
    • - Other Issues that can affect SEO like speed, HTTPS status, etc.
  • Full Backlink Audit (Off Page SEO)
    • - Total Number of Links to Your Site
    • - Link Health (are there dangerous sites linking to your church)
    • - Follow/No-Follow Ratio
    • - Anchor Types and Anchor Text Distribution
  • Search Engine Ranking Report
    • - Where you currently land in the search engines for your community
  • Citations Report
    • - Vital for Local SEO, see what online directories your church already shows up for and what directories you should be trying to get in the future.
  • Videos helping you understand what's in the reports and how to implement fixes.
  • Request Your Reports Now

    Only $67 $19!

This includes access to both the reports and the implementation guide.

This discounted price is only available as long as you're on this page. This is the perfect companion to the free report you just received, so if you want to take concrete steps to help your community find your church online, this is a good opportunity. Don't put this off, take action to help your church today!

Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you're unhappy with the product, you can send us an email and receive a full refund. You have up to 1 year to make up your mind, so take your time! There's no risk at all to you or the church
(if you're buying this with continuing education funds, committee budget, etc.).

Pastor Dave Baker

Pastor Dave Baker


Keep in mind, fixing problems with your website is just the beginning of doing SEO that helps people searching online to find your church. This goes a long way, but to see the best results you also need to create links and work on the church's presence in the rest of the internet.