Homepage Slider:

All of our websites come with a homepage graphical slider, as that’s the current convention for modern church websites. This offers prospective guests on any device a chance to see a few messages from your congregation that are eye catching and easy to access.

Each slider can link to any page on your website, or any other website you may wish to promote. We can change these out for you later or update them as your sermon series, events, etc change. Any sort of content is possible here; pictures, graphics, text, video, any html, and you can have as many slides as you want.

What we here at Internet Outreach Experts recommend is having slides for service times, sermon series, a concise mission or vision statement if you have one, and a welcome slide for guests. To set these slides up, we need at least 2 things from you: images (or other content such as a youtube URL) and text to go over these images/content. It would also be useful to have the URL or name of the page you want the slide to link to, if you want it to link to something.

What sort of images should you use? We can use images similar to the ones you saw on the template sites (https://internetoutreachexperts.com/templates/), but the best pictures often come from someone in your church. Pictures of your congregation enjoying themselves can be very attractive to prospective guests, and are more likely than stock photos to be effective in reaching younger generations. If you have pictures you’d like to include on the homepage slider please upload them here.

Note that higher resolution (larger size) pictures are always better, especially for the homepage!

There are also a few advanced options for sliders that are available. Please select from the options below: